something:an excerpt

by Steven J. Serafiani

everyone take your vitamins.
go on now. yes, a glass of
water. better now?

the walls only seem like
they’re melting but in fact
they are frosting. dig?

where do you live? nah, I
haven’t seen that on TV or,
or, some magazine hutch.

what a bummer. izzy and samah
can’t stop throwing missiles
at each other. big bummer.

yes, I eat cereal too but in
fact haven’t since I was
a teenager and yes, I lie.

passions? I enjoy women.
sometimes I pretend to
be a crook. counts I hope.

someone say something! where
the hell is everybody. do
they not have visions neither?

you mean you haven’t loved
someone in over a decade?
where do you sleep at noon?

there was a piano outside,
right near some drugstore.
it sang to lily pads. you on.

sometimes, when I feel giddy,
I enjoy masquerading paragraphs
into something that resembles
something that may indeed resemble
something fine.