by Steven J. Serafiani

(tree bent hell bent)
six foot tall tree growing roots and
kicking round in season old leaves.
shave that pity beard and you be
gable stached smashed on a
dew in some fake kitchen in some
fake house that has your number.

oh, I see. what’s got ya lookin at
your youth dynamo? is it cause you
now leave strands stranded on shower
drain or cause you don’t punch no

you’re no writer old boy you’re no
connoisseur of spaghetti westerns and
jazz or coffee stained notebooks stacked
in LA. this house has your number.

old boy still thinks he can hold a gaze with
dames. oldie now thinks loose leaf only
fits in
packed parchment. give it up old boy or,
shit, have ya?

get back at it hack.