by Steven J. Serafiani

the last time I saw her:

she was condo sitting in Boca,
hadn’t seen her in months, not
since we broke the lease and
moved on to others. she invited
me over for one reason or another.
this, this was for closure.

I entered the lobby and a guy at a
desk greeted me. elevator up; elevator
marble and glass. I moved on down
the bright pendant lit hallway,
art hung centered in burgundy. arrived
to her, their door and knocked.

she opened wearing a white top and
white culottes. we hugged as strangers
would hug; some space, grip more
relaxed and it lasted mere seconds. whiff
of blonde perfume- took me back to
night drives in countryside when we
rebelled against family in our teenage
catapult love and lust. seconds.

I moved in and looked around; it was
a goddamn luxurious bath. rich hardwood and
smelled of juniper; elegance as it was.
straight ahead bright blue pooled between
breezy frawns- a boat anchored in the center.
what gallery was this? these velvet ropes in

we didn’t talk much and if we did it
was shallow but what did we expect. five
years winded down with a colossal thump and
we didn’t know how to be. we sat on wicker chairs
and drank wine. I smoked and she chided me for
it but it was she who lit this.

the boat moved on and the sun moved on. told
me that I could spend the night, so we climbed
into a stranger’s bed and like post feud brother
and sister we slept. we didn’t touch, didn’t
kiss, didn’t fight, didn’t do any of that; just
closed our eyes.

I awoke with a gasp; panic nocturnal caught
me again and with reason. I sat up and looked
over, she was angel photograph in this weird
luxurian scape. grabbed my smokes and headed to
the balcony for air. I looked out into that deep
shimmer, closed my eyes and listened to moments
that resembled; handful really. I smiled and cried
and shook my fist at young love. “Look what
you did.”

I finished my trip, back inside. stood at
foot but I couldn’t get back in bed with
her- the irony of the beauty in which I
swirled, it was specious. I got dressed, looked at
one more time
left. we left. it left. Fin.