by Steven J. Serafiani

i. sauxsany petuniak

or, in other words, hallowed
gibberish. lest the fool craft
a boat out of catalpa to sail
sistine. no wind. not a tail
of wind! I got grapevine
calling me a liar and the
cratered rise calling me a
delicacy of foolish. (a sprig
of impulsive) what a simple
way to live; a holocene epoch
domestica. not for

me. flicker of boyhood room-
what a strange thing to
conjure; where my dresser
sat and the degree of the
lean. an enclave of korean war
vets drink black crude and
spit circular grit. one points
at me, “You early 80’s imp!”
yes yes yes- I, the leech in
historicity blip; when earth
pushes through and crawls up
industrial fallace, it won’t
debate whether I or all of

ii. precuneus grey matter exposé

to all: I crave creative portion
not equal to double windsor
florescent bzzzzz cartoon. notion
acceptance of this is desired. I
flatline at the thought of
cauliflower existence. who told us
to live miniature? rather, who told
us to be token and beholden to
greenback wrap. prose pose worship
under roman nose at rural library
lover. my time

pulses in mink bound literature. that’s
who I am! shhh, don’t believe this
persona columbus will sit right with
familia. northwest bound. coast
bound. to familia, hell bound. to
the gods of possession sound and to
the gods of persimmon trees- let
me lay my hat on your fortuna. I
want to beat and monogram sheets.

iii. mythos

in a time where romance is swept
under digital rug; I will be
phone booth. dig at the heels of
fante vesuvius and hank hammurabi.
born to a joseph and to a mary;
relinquish. breed mythos. puff.
fiction. pack up all of the past
into piles. chicago thirty five
away- puff. mythos! all of the
women that graced screen, the
friends that blew in blew out and
all of those passerbys. mythos; as

where did this timeline spring, or,
who is this six foot flesh? Ixion
is not he. he speaks a different kind
and draws a different kind from a
different well. to punch fearless-
without kin. the quality or state
of being true from this latitude
to this longitude; truth. be brash
and penniless; they are lovers
entwined. listen. scribble in that
book with spine and space. you will
be mythos, a thunderous farewell that
will stretch before the gods.