forgiving bliss of claudient giggle

by Steven J. Serafiani

held court in yak yak fortuna with insane
men and bolshevik women
nothing was obscure here as we mined
countless bottles and disguised ourselves in
yodels parched we drank more
hungry us hickory slept awake in
infinity intellect all each others lover
not ‘cedes surrogate but
patchwork poor and tired and we yearn

there is no such thing as self
red said
I agreed telepathically and
beat quietly
beat the edge of the coffee table
glass end while us lamps squeezed thoughts
into penny shaped elephants with a

white twist passed right to left and
we got right with all of those
jukebox baby dreams our ancestors
craved we danced and drank
and yelled in the
forgiving bliss of claudient