Free Wine and Philistines

by Steven J. Serafiani

Art gallery show near north side tonight.
I’ll be the pedantic asshole drinking
plastic cup after plastic cup
of free wine. You’ll find me hitting on
wives in front of
abstract chardonnay malaise hang; I am
blanc bastard amongst a subjective
matter. Meander from
group to
group nose up, light a smoke- promptly
told to put it out then ask,
“Where are all the petite college girls?”
oh, they despise the riesling rouse
they don’t get it,
I am varietal; I am noir!
The grapes settle and I take a seat on
a slim staircase in warehouse
retrofit; program handlers slink past me
tilted head study of the exhibition
not billed. Heard their hand to mouth whispers, “imperfections” and
I smirk- philistines, all.