Earmuff Girl

by Steven J. Serafiani

After double date sushi, went
back to my place
couldn’t keep our hands clean
up to my room, we were both
clumsy with our tropical drink
the minx got on my bed like a mink
would get on socialite shoulders
told her I had to rotate my pearly
Brushed in front of the mirror for a couple
seconds, stared at myself- you animal,
then headed into room while still
sweeping molars and
saw her kneeling at the foot of my bed,
hands to ears, chest to knees facing away
walked a few paces around her and
she hid to the right some more-
thought strange, well, fucking
back to sink to spit then to her again
she still had earmuffs and asked
if I was done,
said yes and asked, “What was that?”
She says, “I can’t hear that noise or be
around it.”
My eyes closed a bit, forehead clenched; hmm,
I slept alone that night.