I Cannot Write Modern

by Steven J. Serafiani

I cannot write modern
mouth widens in typewriter punch
I get the irony;
will hit digital pixel publish in a moment
but for this moment,
I think of romance
suspender dangle below pleated wool pants
hunched over blue royal
cig overflow to left
rye to right
Bunker Hill daily rent
the lights of golden era LA west
Bandini splendor
nickel roast nickel newspaper
these are the days I want to reside
not this silicon boom
where is the romance I seek
I don’t want pocket light buzz
or the social unsocial scathe
I want a wiggle dress woman with class to
have across bar look conversations with
so, this golden age thinker will
live there
as modern continues to flourish and
I will only let it be a percolator drip hush.