Dolly In

by Steven J. Serafiani

worked manual labor tonight,
Friday night
bump and jostle in work truck
deep into calendar turn
show up to banquet hall
party just ended
the staggered steps of open bar marionettes came
pouring out
I in dago tee blue henley draped,
wheel dolly in
everyone cleared but wait staff waiting to vacuum,
the DJ packing up 90s nostalgia tune gear and the
beautiful bride in pure gown flow
darling she was
load dolly up
7 chairs high
dolly out
wheel dolly in
beautiful bride
7 chairs out
wheel dolly in
beautiful bride
7 chairs out
every time I crossed from late winter air to
heated ballroom, que
the glance towards beautiful bride
I should have married her;
think of it
swap henley and dago tee for tux fitted
whisked her away in tin can stretch
champagne share
downtown Chicago tower trump
being each others public intoxication
from lobby to elevator to suite with my sweet
hands never not roaming
lips never not parting
slide card to green
oh, the looks we give
pick you up
kick door wide
and wheel my dolly in.