Surrogate Nature

by Steven J. Serafiani

We are all wolves
and the sooner we realise
our true nature the
sooner we can get on with this
linear move.
We spell it out wrong
and it’s not colloquial
we are all in heat and we
it’s just not documented in neat clips
sure, we finally saw each other in raw,
the corner of our lips curled briefly
and the corners of our cheek drenchers dampened briefly
and the rush of feeling whole surged
biology is trumped
as daisy field stretch where blue sky
compete with countenance not in this
hour of pure chemical overwhelm
but look at the word-
it subsides
then our capability short term returns
then the cynical returns lips to pinot bottle molasses while lumbar hunches head drifts to carpet cigarette punches its time card and all of this and that and the other takes this cynical asshole over.
I apologise, this was all written incorrectly and briefly.