De Kolta

by Steven J. Serafiani

I come complete with periscope
ask me direct
I’ll assuage
to popcorn beg

beard for years mystic
can’t see the blemishes
carnival; fun house glass
serpentine enth

back to carnival
I enjoy the imagery
pop tent; lead the elephant in the room
ONOMATOPOEIA – pack up those trucks boys

let’s lead to revival
I’ll be your azusa
fire spit then spirit moves to another vessel

I am De Kolta
vanishing lady
one night only
get your popcorn!

I am in Canada ’67
syrup fled
I don’t return till no one wins

dig the obscure?
reference pageant
I could go on and on
rife with narcissism tangent

I don’t commit, never will
all of the above is irony
self-preservation. the ideology of all poems.