From the Young Capricorn

by Steven J. Serafiani

Natalie coined me
said I resembled a young capricorn
shot back with a, what the fuck does that even mean brow invert
she needled me mentally
said she sees my soul even if I didn’t believe
oh and,
I was not lucrative
but she sought prose
so, from the young capricorn,
I wrote the following –

From the Young Capricorn

I am not a capricorn, nor wish to be a gemini
this astrology bound rationale is tiresome
what traits do you want?
meager penmanship
or possibly being bereft of gourd carcasses during holidays?
I have pomade streaks baby
the kind that don’t show up in towns like these
you are my brunette blonde –
see where this goes?
you are my masculine feminine
saw those cosmos placed perky near punching bag
so let’s just go back to pulling tights off with teeth
back to morning organic granola silence
cause doo-wop tunes and classic cinema mutual,
created this chunk of speck of nano that is us.
will I write something by your kitchen window someday?
yes and forever funny face.

and then Natalie’s spoon clanked against turquoise cereal bowl.