by Steven J. Serafiani

Where is my cottontail woman?
I forgive the jazz for impeding on this,
so ill sway to its beat gin
stomp with the upright while i look for cottontail.
What do i say to you if i find you?
When your cigarette light grey plumes over bars,
should i charm?
should i ask for your hand falsetta dame?
or just gush at you from afar?
I’ll fight the brutes
I’ll settle whatever debt you owe
I’ll take your father out back in the alley
I’ll tell the matchstick men to scram
If i do cottontail,
If i take your world on,
will you join me in this six minute opus to the golden?
will we go hip to hip in the big city squeeze night breeze?
If your signpost siren song gives me the nod-
I will wrap.
I will tap
and i will be your soprano sap.