it’s been brewing

by Steven J. Serafiani

remember I took your hand
on cherry street
beneath a canopy of greenery
walked a few steps before
you let mine go
sat down at a cafe
I ordered a coffee and biscotti
you ordered water
you were quiet
eyes darted and
jitterbugged around mine
I lit a cig and offered you the pack
you declined
coffee and biscotti came
“Do you want a piece?”
silence except my spoon clanking circular on porcelain
and the crisp breakfast breeze
blew smoke to the left
leaned back
“What’s running around up there?” I asked
you took hummingbird sip from your glass
I took a heavy puff
waitress came over
“Need anything else?”
“Could I get a refill?”
“It’s brewing.”
Looked over, “Darling?”
You nodded her away.
another set of silence
“You ever going to shave your goddamn beard?”
“You are so, so fucking depressing to be around. I can’t do it anymore. This is death. Fucking death. I hate myself when I’m with you. It was endearing at first. The tortured soul poet bullshit. Now it’s just, it’s just sad. Pathetic. Goodbye a fucking thousand times goodbye.”
you snatched your purse and walked away in a huff
leaving the poet and his empty coffee cup.