nameless town in colorado

by Steven J. Serafiani

there’s a town in colorado
now I don’t remember the name
I can’t recollect
strange as it is
it could be imaginary
I don’t know
just remember my car chugging up the mountain pass
halfway on my trip
from the too windy city
to the basin of angels
car sputtered
but just as I reached the top
the top of this utopia
I pulled into a gas station
let it cool
walked across the road
and stalled
I was now standing between pines
and standing in all of our imaginary soul’s abode
down I went
searched far
learned deep
I took a seat
on a dirty crust strewn with leaves
and I didn’t move
only thing that moved
my eyes
my myth heart
worries sloped on down down down
of the years that passed
and the years that were to come
sooner or later I picked myself up
trudged back over that road
and to my possession possessed car
kept on
but stayed in this town
this nameless town
till now.