fearless in youth

by Steven J. Serafiani

pulled out dvds
pops made
converted from old vhs tapes
home movies
this one made my mouth grow wide
five years old
she was in the middle of geese
clutching a bag of wonder bread
she’d tear a small bit
and toss it a few inches to the ground
she walked into that growing gaggle
and giggled
the geese would honk
flap their wings
and nip at the ground
more came into the shot
I mean several more
but she kept on walkin’ forward
in this sea by the fox river
my dad would say, “Look at the geese kerri!”
she would look back at the camera
confidently say,
“I feed them daddy.”
then she stopped throwing the bread
and let them take it from her hand
she would pull back her fingers quickly
put them to her mouth
look at her dad
“OK kerri, come on back.”
but on she walked
the more geese
the more she smiled
my sister–
my sister was fearless in youth.