coffee and pie 101

by Steven J. Serafiani

nothin’ like coffee and pie on
franklin in hollywood
my spot
sit at the counter
a sip
a forkful
open that composition
fill it up lacking composition
smoke a cig intermittent
1 in the AM
always closing them down
refill refill refill
hear the collective chatter
in booths behind
hipsters and industry folk
strolling in
to this old joint’s open sign
strike up a conversation
with a neighbor
usually a character
ended with a “catch ya later”
fuck I miss those nights
and it was every night towards the end
the drive over the hill
from the valley to animal city
searchlights hovering and
the fog rolling over those giant staggered letters
was jobless
and loveless
and soon to be homeless
but I always had my coffee and pie.