jewish festival, cops and weed

by Steven J. Serafiani

needed to calm
anxiety sick
of a day entirety
grabbed my wallet and
walked down
down Burbank two blocks
orange barriers
orange cones
jewish festival people gathered
roads blocked down
to whitsett
between hummus king and cambridge
took in music
kids ran around me ran around
to my left
the pot store
behind two cops
buried my head and walked
looked at the board
got some advice
need to calm I said
pretty blonde
pulled a jar let me smell
that’s the one
she buried indica in a white bag
to the exit
stepped and stopped
parking lot
same two cops
crumpled my bag tight and walked past
gave a nod
got a nod
back to my apartment
shoes off
vile medical unscrewed
then for the next few
couch strewn
smoke strewn

my hand is fucking strange
stared at the creases
at the wrinkles
at the blue veins