pull down your shades

by Steven J. Serafiani

stand in front of a field full of sunflowers,
my, oh my the greenest grass,
the rays basking in your skin,
the sky blue and crisp,
close your eyes,
take a deep breath,
then walk through that field,
your hands to your side brushing petals,
the sound of a june bug in the distance,
possibly in that oak tree in the center,
the one whose branches sway and leaves flutter in that calm, benevolent breeze,
your breathing slows,
your mouth wide,
the good inching up your spine,
birds coast above you and take up that tree,
those sunflowers gently nodding with your peace,
lay down,
let the earth be your springs,
close your eyes again,
take in the ambient,
the sound, the smell,
sense the senses,
remember your youth,
forgo the architecture in that other life,
be, just be, be, just be, be, just be.