what aisle?

by Steven J. Serafiani

I brushed past an elderly man at Walgreens,
as my coat passed his I felt a great deal of despair,
he was spry yet had a nagging cough,
still had hair yet lacking melanin,
I’m sure he is cognitive as he was in 63′,
looks in the mirror and sees that same kid,
enjoying youth,
flirting with the most gorgeous girl in the joint,
thinking he owns his time,
maybe he is a widow,
maybe he is content,
maybe he is experiencing the public for the first time in weeks,
maybe he is just tired,
just waiting,

I remember when I was twelve or so,
my father telling me to enjoy my youth,
he would tell me every so often,
and I would shrug it off,
look in the mirror and see a kid,
but now I know his warning far too well,
I’m halfway to him and him and far removed from that kid.