a rhetorical heart pumping rhetoric

by Steven J. Serafiani

I will sing in a cappella,
introduce you to all my fears,
you can hum with eyes closed,
blatantly burning a brilliant storm,

these four walls of cement,
intricately faux painted,
protects from the rain,
yet a dull off white,
can’t defend from this dull off night,
a dull off life,

if I decide to use this mythical heart,
pumping blood and love,
I would string it up above,
let it drip and cloak me as I slept,
cause it’s useless in this chest,

are we staring at the same moon tonight?,
just as war torn lovers,
one in a trench caked in blood and frightened,
and one in an empty bed at nights end,

just read this letter sweet,
it might be the last one I ever send,
as I fall asleep using a flag as my blanket.