the pillow actuary

by Steven J. Serafiani

what a fuck all word,
it drips from skyscrapers,
bursts from our geysers,
the feigning, the faking,
all of our heads hit the pillow at some point,
more than all, this unites and unties each one of us,
the fury of the hours,
the day like a train without brakes,
to the halt,
the hush-hush,
the sheep ready to jump,
we all lay limp,
internal dialogue,
a tragedy,
our brain winding out yo-yo,
have to face our mistakes,
the shitty things you said,
the fucked up things you did,
your selfishness,
the gossip you spun,
the humanity you ignored,
your petty petulance,
we all try to be someone else,
cause it’s a shame to be weak,

then to that pillow,
to that actuary of our actions,
to the slumber, to the slumber.