speak easy

by Steven J. Serafiani

I’m going to meet you at dusk lounge
the house band’s brass entrance shuffling feet
you’re going to be wearing a midnight blue pencil dress
brunette locks fresh from rollers
I’m going to notice you the second my arm rests on lush’s desk
you’ll be with friends but your eyes will study
until they meet mine through a flickering sea of sway
you’ll look away feathering your shoulder blade
I’ll sip spirits from a half full beveled glass
the trombone telescoping our distance
I’ll follow suit but you’re out of view
my neck will double strain like my neighbor’s martini
the music now double time as I feel a tap
as I turn, the room serenity
the vista now sublime
our mouths now wide like the Po in this subterranean
I’ll take your hand and lead you to the floor
our cheeks glued to tint the blues.